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Automotive Information Databases

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String Master is designed to split one string data source file into two or more files in accordance with the chosen filter: masks or sub-strings. Main application areas of the software are the search of the required entries in the ...
July 29th 2015 Freeware    2,206k
NoSQLt(TM) Evaluation Edition
Hainan Haikou Meilan Nosak West-sea Computer Software Studio of China (hereinafter referred to as West-sea Data Studio) is a professional software developer engaged in massive real-time/history data processing and providing solutions for process enterprise informatization.

NoSQLt (TM) real-time/history database can integrate, ...
December 17th 2013 Freeware    7,440k
MyCar-Monitor software has basically been designed for the average automobile owners who want to track the vehicle's service history, repair and maintenance expenses, trips, fuel costs and much more. This is a complete software that will help you to organize ...
June 11th 2006 Freeware    1,576k
SMS Reciever
Providing the information's from a database, depending on user needs trough SMS messages from mobile phones.
March 13th 2004 Freeware    3,740k
Cars will help you keep up with maintenance performed on your vehicles. It is designed to be easy to use, and makes the task of tracking repairs simple. Reporting is provided within each area of the program. Maintenance records can ...
October 31st 2003 Freeware    862k
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